Texas Vocal Arts Convention, November 15–16


Thank you for applying to be part of the scholastic competition held at the Texas Vocal Arts Convention (TVAC), presented by SING! Texas. SING! Texas, in partnership with the A Cappella Education Association (AEA) is excited to bring performance opportunities to area a cappella groups in multiple divisions. Here is what we are looking for:

ONE middle school a cappella choir to open the TVAC Scholastic Competition
FIVE high school a cappella groups to compete in the high school division
FIVE collegiate/university a cappella groups to compete in the collegiate division

Your panel of five judges are professional a cappella performers, directors, composers, arrangers and educators in the field and are approved by the A Cappella Education Association. Scoring will be completed using the AEA format, as outlined below.

Please read the application guidelines below in order to guarantee a fair selection process for you and all other participating groups.

All submissions must be uploaded in one single video link to YouTube by October 1. Your submission must be uploaded as an "unlisted" video. Please make sure your submission has your group name, school name (if applicable), and school district name (if applicable) in the video title. In the description, please put the date of the recording as well as each song's title, the original performing artist, arranger, or the composer if an original work. You may record your songs separately and then edit them into one video. However, the raw performance footage itself cannot be edited or cut in any way in order to preserve the live nature of your submission (i.e. You cannot edit the performances, but you can edit them together into one video as long as you don't alter the original takes). Videos should include two contrasting songs or portions of songs and not exceed five minutes in length.

TVAC Middle School/Junior High Mic Tester Application Form

TVAC High School & Collegiate Competitor Application Form

Video Recordings must be made after August 15, 2019, and may only include members from the 2019–2020 roster. Video submissions will be accepted from September 1, 2019, to October 1, 2019, and must be uploaded and submitted via the 2019 TVAC Competitor Application form in order to be accepted. Groups accepted into the TVAC Scholastic Competition held November 15 will be announced on singtexas.org, posted on social media, and director email on October 8, 2019.


Music Elements: Evaluates the degree to which the performer brings the song and arrangement to life. This is accomplished with consistent and aligned rhythm and groove while the music exhibits exceptional musical contrast and clear phrasing, with energetic, creative, and appropriate background vocals. Scoring in Rhythm, Groove, Musicality, and Vocalization.

Performance Elements: Evaluates the degree to which the performer delivers the song visually and emotionally. This is achieved through performance aspects including ensemble movement and emotional connection, stylistic solo singing, and the overall execution of the intended plan. Scoring in Visual Presentation, Solo, General Effect, Look & Style.

Vocal Elements: Elements judge evaluates the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the a cappella idiom. This is accomplished with quality, resonant, healthy ensemble and solo singing that is well balanced and unified and consistently in tune. Scoring in Ensemble Tone Quality, Intonation, Balance & Unity.


TVAC performing groups will need to arrive on Friday, November 15 by noon for sound checks. Groups will perform in the Friday Night Scholastic Competition starting at 6:30 p.m.

  1. ONE junior high/middle school group—performing two songs as the opening act to the scholastic competition
  2. SIX high school groups—performing two to three songs in the scholastic competition. From pitch blown to exit off stage, sets are no longer than 12 minutes.
  3. SIX college/university groups—performing two to three songs in the scholastic competition. From pitch blown to exit off stage, sets are no longer than 12 minutes.


For groups in the high school and collegiate divisions who are entering their video for the scholastic competition, there is a $200 deposit that is due by October 1. This deposit can be paid by check or via Paypal. If an invoice is needed for your school or organization, email your request to hello@singtexas.org.

Once groups have been notified on October 8, if a group is not selected, their payment will be returned to the group in its original form.

Each member of the group applying to compete will need to purchase an All-Access Pass for $60. Groups will receive one FREE All-Access Pass for every 10 passes purchased.


The selected junior high/middle school group will:

  • Perform as the mic testing opening act to the scholastic competition.
  • Receive professional promotional photos of their performance.
  • Receive a masterclass prior to their performance.
  • Receive a special reduced group rate for All-Access Passes available exclusively to their group, friends and family.

The scholastic competition winners: ONE high school a cappella group and ONE collegiate/university a cappella group will:

  • Receive a masterclass on Saturday, November 16 with members of the professional a cappella group HIVE.
  • Perform and open for HIVE on the Saturday Night Showcase.
  • Receive one fully recorded, mixed and mastered single with Viridian Productions.


On October 5, groups accepted into the scholastic competition will be contacted via the email address included in the video application form. In the email to the director will be a competitors form that will need to be completed by October 12 in order to accept your performance spot. If not completed, your group will forfeit its performance spot and it will be offered to a different group.

Each selected group for the scholastic competition will need to arrive on Friday, November 16 by noon and will be provided a ten-minute soundcheck, a rehearsal time, and a fifty-minute masterclass with one of our headlining faculty and clinicians. Selected groups must commit to staying through the entire festival (Saturday night, end of show). Festival staff will work with the directors of each group to communicate the details of the schedule in advance.


All performances will be held in the beautiful 850-seat Lowery Freshman Center at Allen ISD (368 N Greenville Ave, Allen, TX 75002). Sound and tech for the performances will be provided by Charlie Friday, with Clear Harmonies, engineer for DCappella and Snowday, with wireless microphones available to each performing group.


Performances will be held on Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Friends, family and the general public do not have to purchase All-Access Passes in order to attend the individual concerts. Individual tickets for each concert are available for $25 online or 30 minutes before the shows in the lobby at the Lowery Freshman Center. Those who purchase All-Access Passes for $60 can attend all workshops, classes, rehearsals, and both concerts.

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