Texas Vocal Arts Convention, November 15–16

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SING! TEXAS was created to help people all over Texas and beyond celebrate all things a cappella.

SING! Texas is associated with a family of festivals started by SING! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. Designed to celebrate vocal artists both local and international, with a focus on a cappella music, we are joined in collaboration by the same goals: to illustrate that the voice knows no limits.

SING! festivals have brought together tens of thousands of music lovers, singers, educators, conductors, and tourists to experience some of the most innovative and exciting vocal artists from a multiplicity of backgrounds and styles. In short, we have come together to give new voice to the voice.

Our festivals appeal to middle school, high school, and college students, as well as adult singers, amateur and professional, who enjoy a cappella singing and want to get into and/or get better at their craft. SING! Texas festivals include various a cappella styles including Contemporary, Jazz, Barbershop, and Doo-Wop with both professional and amateur groups represented.

2018 Champions
UNT Green Tones

Donna McGinnis &
Deke Sharon

2018 Headliners
From the Roots

Al Daibes
From the Roots

SING! Festivals

SING! Texas presents

TVAC: Texas Vocal Arts Convention

UNT Green Tones
V.I.N.Y.L. Booker T Jazz Singers

Other Festivals, Workshops and Conventions

Past SING! Texas Events

SING! The Texas Vocal Arts Festival

Our 2017 & 2018 festivals were held in November at the Rockwall High School Performing Arts Center.

SING! The Austin Vocal Arts Festival

Our 2016 festival was held March 4 at the Long Center in downtown Austin.

Real Men Sing

Real Men Sing: An A Cappella Workshop & Live Performance for RRISD & Central Texas Young Men was held on October 29, 2016, in Round Rock.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if everyone lifted their voices in song?
Vocal music has such a positive effect on the hearts, minds, and souls of
those who sing and those who listen to it.

SING! Texas is changing lives through inspiring, innovative and educational
experiences in vocal arts. Join us in our effort to develop and promote
opportunities for people of all ages with diverse backgrounds and
interests to come together in harmony.


We are grateful for the generous support of our Festival Sponsors:

With your help we can continue to support and develop the vocal arts in Texas. SING! Texas offers your company the opportunity to strategically enhance your local, state, national and international profile in association with a prestigious and cutting edge event. You will build and strengthen you brand awareness with leverages media cross-promotion opportunities, ensuring maximum exposure.


SING! Texas is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

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